You are no stranger to the hustle - in fact, you built your business with your very blood, sweat, tears, and coffee (oh, the coffee).
But you've been at this business thing for a while and you are ready to take it to the next level and create margin in your life.

People are constantly asking you, "How do you do it?" You love vetting questions about your progress and success and after all of your experience you have something to teach. You are excited to see other pros in your industry learn and grow and you want to be part of that transformation.

There's also a (big) part of you that desires to bring people together. In an perfectly curated world, you crave carving out a space for authentic community to flourish.

You've got the experience, you've got the knowledge, you've got the, you just need to know how to make it happen. 

I'm Kaitlin Holland, Founder & Owner of The School of Styling, an internationally recognized workshop with an audience of over 80K. For the first time ever, I'm revealing my process for hosting a profitable in-person event that sells out time, and time, and time again.

I believe there is power in gathering people in-person. I believe you have something to teach your community in a way only you can. I believe your industry will hurt if you don't offer your event. Whether your event is just a twinkle in your eye or you want to rethink a past event, you're in the right place.

Let me ask you a question: What if you hosted your own workshop, retreat, conference or class?

What would change for you, your business, and your family?

Would you have more money in the bank?
Would you be able to step back from your current work?
Would you be able to support your family?
Would you be speaking at other events as an established industry leader?
Would you be consistently empowering and inspiring your community?

I'm pulling back the curtain and giving you the up close and personal, behind the scenes peek at how I have built The School of Styling.

It's good to know that the engine in your car works but how much better would it be to know exactly how it works. (You heard it, too? That was my husband saying "amen!")

I'm here to help you apply the successful principles that I have learned through The School of Styling to your own in-person gathering. When you join me either in-person or online, you will get to learn from every step of the journey that lead me to build a successful, profitable, and growing business that all started with the same question you are asking yourself now....

What if?

The Workshop Planners Retreat is a one-day event on May 5th in Greensboro, NC where I'll share my business, life and lessons learned (the good, the bad & the ugly). We'll dive deep into producing an outline for your in-person event from vision casting to goals, timelines to speakers, ticket prices to creating a customized game plan for your event.

You’ll walk away with a vision, tools, and a high-level plan developed during our One-on-One session to make your dream event a reality.

The Workshop Planners Retreat combined with my online program, The Workshop Course (which you'll gain lifetime access to!) is my high-level, signature experience for budding in-person event hosts. Simply put, it's for those of you who are serious about adding an in-person event as an additional revenue stream into your business.

Not to mention, I have added a brand new session at the Retreat all about filling up your event. The strategies I will teach in this session are NOT currently included in the online program.



The Workshop Course is my signature online program, featuring 7 video lessons, a 47-page workbook, Q&A videos, and more to take you STEP-BY-STEP through the workshop creation process.

You'll gain access to the private Facebook community for monthly coaching calls as well as support and encouragement along the way!

This option is perfect for those who are ready to host their in-person event but can't make the trip to Greensboro. You'll receive everything you need to host your first profitable, successful experience. Including some exciting bonuses like a customizable Budget Template (use it again and again!) and a Coaching Email Series for the month leading up to your big event!

I value in-person events so much (if you couldn't tell!) that I have designed this online program to feel as in-person and community-oriented as possible.

Choose your experience:


Online Only

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D A T E :
May 5, 2018

L O C A T I O N :
Greensboro, NC

T I M E L I N E :

Check-In, Coffee & Breakfast

SESSION 01 | Vision Casting & Goal Clarity
In this session we will get dreamy about your event and create goals to back it up. You'll gain clarity on your goals (financial, personal & professional) and your goals for your attendees.
This session includes time to workshop your ideas and get feedback from both Kaitlin and your small group.


SESSION 02 | Building Out Your Event
Now that you have laid your foundation in Session 01, we will begin to build out your actual event. Think: nitty gritty details, but in an easy-to-digest format. We'll talk about
timelines, speakers, content, environment, ticket prices & more!
This session includes time to workshop your ideas and get feedback from both Kaitlin and your small group.


SESSION 03 | Filling Your Seats
Chances are, one of your biggest question marks around hosting an event is how to fill seats. I get you! It can be so scary, but thankfully I have developed a plan to bridge the gap.
In this session, we will cover content *currently not available* in the online program, including setting yourself up as a leader and expert in your audience's eyes, gaining their trust
through content creation, and using the right words to get them to click "enroll."
This session includes time to workshop your ideas and get feedback from both Kaitlin and your small group.

SESSION 04 | One-on-One with Kaitlin
Each student will have a One-on-One session to discuss your progress, questions, and challenges. You'll walk away from our time with a customized Action Plan created during our time so you don't have to guess what to do next when you get home.

Dinner & Drinks

One Month Later
SESSION 05 | After The Planners Retreat
We will have a group call one month post-retreat to touch base on everyone's progress, troubleshoot questions, and hear amazing success stories!

The Workshop
Planners Retreat

7 Video Modules

view the curriculum »

delivered to you on 3/30

47+ Pages of Worksheets

what you'll get »

Including an editable budget guide

Live Office Hours



The Workshop Course


SESSION 01 | Your Live Event Blueprint
01 The Case for Live Events: The Power of Being in Person
02 Choosing the Right Types of Live Event for You and Your Audience
03 Vision Casting & Goal Setting

SESSION 02 | From Speakers to Speaking: Curating Content
01 Curating Content that Excites Your Audience
02 How to Work with Speakers

SESSION 03 | Creating a Profitable Event
01 How to Know What to Charge 
02 Building Your Budget
03 Building Your Team

SESSION 04 | Selling Out Your Experience
01 Copy That Attracts Your Ideal Attendee
02 Your Launch Roadmap
03 Using Social Media to Sell Your Event

SESSION 05 | Attendee- Centered Experience
 Communication Before and After
02 Thoughtful Touch Points
03 Creating an Attendee- Centered Environment

SESSION 06 | Securing Sponsors
 Creating Value for Your Sponsors
02 Finding & Securing The Perfect Partners

SESSION 07 | The Event
 Hosting Your Event
02 Calculating Your Return on Investment
03 Evaluating Your Event (And Preparing for the Next One)


47 pages of worksheets including...

Ideal Participant Profile  +  Vision Casting  +  Mission & Goals  +  Curriculum & Speaker Guide +  Speaker Communication Schedule  + Speaker Reach Email Sample  +  Competitive Landscape & Unique Differentiator  +  Sample Budget  + Interactive Budget Document  +  Launch Checklist  +  How to Create an Email List  +  Email Launch Sequence  +   Attendee Communication Schedule  +  Sponsor Communication schedule  +  Sponsor Reach Email sample  +  Post-Workshop Internal Evaluation + More!

Live Office Hours

I'll host monthly office hours in our PRIVATE community to answer any and all of your questions! Use this space as an area to post ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from other course attendees.

Hosted on Facebook

The Workshop Planners Retreat

+ Lifetime access to the online program, The Workshop Course

+ 7 Video Sessions

+ Q&A Videos

+ 47 Page Workbook

+ Private FB community

+ Monthly Office Hours

+ BONUS: Coaching Email Series

+ BONUS: Customizable Budget Document

+ One-day workshop on May 5th

+ Breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks

+ BONUS SESSION: "Filling Your Seats"

+ One-on-One with Kaitlin



The Workshop Course



+ Lifetime access to the online program, The Workshop Course

+ 7 Video Sessions

+ Q&A Videos

+ 47 Page Workbook

+ Private FB community

+ Monthly Office Hours

+ BONUS: Coaching Email Series

+ BONUS: Customizable Budget Document


Enroll for The Workshop Course

Enroll for The Workshop Planners retreat



How do I know if the Retreat is for me?
The Retreat is perfect for those who are ready to host their event 2-6 months after our time together. While it helps to have an existing business, it is not a requirement to a successful in-person event.

Should I enroll in the Retreat or the online program?
Great question! The Retreat is my high-level offering, blending both the information found in the online program with the in-person workshopping and brainstorming of the retreat. If you are ready to take the next step with your event in the near future, come to The Workshop Planners Retreat. If you are unable to attend live, The Workshop Course is a great way to get the information you need to host your event. 


Are there payment plans available?
Payment plans can be created upon request for both The Workshop Planners Retreat and The Workshop Course. Please email us to create a custom plan!

What's the refund policy?
The Workshop Planners Retreat is non-refundable. The Workshop Course is refundable up to 60 days pending proof that you have completed and executed the content within the program. We are serious about serious students, so we require proof of work before we can consider issuing a refund.

When is the online program (The Workshop Course) available to me if I enroll for the Retreat?
The Workshop Course will be available for all students beginning on March 30th once enrollment has closed.

What if I'm not ready to make the leap yet? Will this be offered again?
We do plan to offer both The Workshop Planners Retreat & The Workshop Course again, however, we do not know when the next launch will be. We encourage you to consider enrolling now!

Will I need to purchase anything else to make The Workshop Course program work for me?
The beauty of hosting an in-person event is that your upfront costs are fairly low. In order to get the most out of this program I recommend you have a website or Leadpages, an email host (Mailchimp is free up to the first 500 subscribers), and a payment processing system (Paypal, Stripe, etc). In addition, I recommend purchasing contracts for your speakers (I love The Contract Shop!). The upfront cost is minimal and the event will pay for itself as you go!

I'm signing up for the Retreat! Where should I stay and where do you suggest I fly into?
Wonderful! We love the Proximity, the O'Henry, and Double Oaks B&B for accommodations. Greensboro has an airport in town (Piedmont Triad International Airport), and we are about an hour and a half away from RDU & CLT.